The Untold Experiences of Vulnerable

About Gilgamesh

The Gilgamesh project aims to make the ‘untold’, mainly ignored experiences of minority refugee populations visible, and illustrate how the fear of extinction is embedded in the collective narratives of these groups and expressed in different artistic forms.

The project is built on three main activities (workshop, exhibition, documentary), and links the stories of vulnerable refugees with the epic of Gilgamesh, where Gilgamesh – either voluntarily or forcibly – starts a journey for finding the immortal life by crossing the river of death.

Cassidy Kassab

Art exhibition, documentary and workshop

Visit the art exhibition, watch the documentary film or read more about our workshop.

Art Exhibition

Together with Världskulturmuseerna (Museum of World Culture), the project team has prepared the art exhibition “Untold | Unheard | Vulnerable | Refugees” in Gothenburg. In this exhibition refugee/migrant artists exhibit their artwork about the suffering of their people, the experiences of forced migration, trauma and war – which are central themes in their art works.


The documentary film “Pomegranate” is based on the testimonies of three female victims of genocide perpetrated by ISIS in 2014.
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The project team has organised the workshop “Untold Experiences of Vulnerable Refugees” (22-24 September 2017, University of Gothenburg).
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The research project “Gilgamesh: Untold Experiences of Vulnerable Groups” is co-financed by the Swedish Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.