Ammar Salim

About Ammar Salim

Technique: oil on canvas, use of multiple material, including glass and rock

Ammar Salim is an Iraqi Yazidi artist and sculptor. He was born in Mosul in 1982 and graduated in fine arts there in 2004. Ammar has fought terrorism with his brush. His paintings have been used as covers for books about violations of Human Rights and more particularly violations of Women Rights. He has held several exhibitions in Iraq, participated in several local and international exhibitions, and his last participation was the World International Exhibition in Barcelona.

While people often express themselves in words, Ammar has chosen to express his people’s suffering and passion for life with his brush and uses it also to fight terrorism instead of the gun. Ammar wants also to express the concerns of his country in his paintings. He was forced to flee to the KRG region of Iraq after ISIS took control of his city and decided to paint about his people being en-mass internally displaced. This is how Ammar tries to communicate the suffering of his people and oppressed minorities to all countries worldwide; a message of human concern.

The research project “Gilgamesh: Untold Experiences of Vulnerable Groups” is co-financed by the Swedish Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.