Nahrin Melki

About Nahrin Melki

Technique: stamps, manuel graphic printing, collage of materials.

Nahrin Melki was born in Kamishli, Syria, in 1973. Nahrin started studying art in Syria. After settling in the Netherlands she completed her studies in Fine Arts at the AKI Kunstacademie in Enschede where she graduated in 2011.

Growing up in Syria inspired the main theme of her work: suffering. Her work expresses images of the opression and human rights violation.

Nahrin says: “I grew up listening to my grandmother’s stories about the Assyrian genocide. The echo of her cries has left a big influence on my personality, stories of pain and misery which created a big impact on me, and found their way through my art. These memories merged with new experiences of the suffering of Assyrians and other minorities in the Middle East in more recent years due to the rise of wars and extremism.”

The research project “Gilgamesh: Untold Experiences of Vulnerable Groups” is co-financed by the Swedish Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.