Narin Ezidi

About Narin Ezidi

Technique: Acrylic on canvas

Narin Ezidi is a Yazidi Canadian artist and poet currently living in Mexico pursuing her dreams of becoming recognized among Yazidis and people around the world. She was born in Galabadra, in Iraqi Kurdistan. During the Gulf War in 1990 she fled with her family through a long and difficult route to Canada.

Narin is dedicated to creativity, is ambitious and determined to help the Yazidi victims of the Islamic State. Narin wants to embrace the orphan Yazidi child and give her a chance of hope for a better life.

She wants to be the voice of the Yazidi girls and women who were raped, abused and tortured by the Islamic State. Narin is a woman who has vowed to Yazidism.

With freedom, and human rights, life is still beautiful and ongoing like a flower thirsts for grace. “This world is for all, let’s not regret with fear, so humanity is not revulsive, but sheltered at heart”

The research project “Gilgamesh: Untold Experiences of Vulnerable Groups” is co-financed by the Swedish Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.